Before, After, & In Between
A comic anthology featuring twelve artists, with each stories revolving around the date: December 21st, 2012.
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10 more days!!

Hey friends! Before I start! If you are a backer, please go check out or KS Blog! There are backer exclusive materials that will not be posted on this tumblr. 

There’s been few questions regarding when the PDF will be sent out! And here you go, they will be sent out on the 21st for sure. I’m still debating which method would be the most efficient and effective way to send it out to all of you beautiful people. So bear with with me BD

There will be a small announcement before we send out the PDFs either little before or on the 21st to let you know how we’re doing. So please hold off asking us where it is or how we’re getting it until then thank you!! And if you don’t receive anything by the 22nd at 12:01 AM CST please send me a message on kickstarter!! If there is any chance of delay we’ll let you know but I highly doubt it.

Last part of the business is that the PDFs and couple volumes will go on pre-order later this week as a last chance to nab them. So whether you were interested or if you have a friend who was interested but couldn’t get a copy in time, now you can sit them down and let them know this great piece of news. Or you know, sit yourself down and have a god talk.

The prices has gone up for both the PDF and the Anthology as I have forewarned, it is going to be $17 for the PDF only and $50 for the anthology book. There’s very few left from the 500 copies so haha sorry gang, it went up. There’s no shipping for the PDF and the shipping for the book is the same as the KS. $5 for US and $15 for everywhere else. If you buy either, you’ll be considered as a backer so I’ll have to figure out a way to show backers only material that I’ve been posting on KS to the new people somehow.. HM. PDF will be sold without the post card option and the book will have the postcards and PDF included in the price.

It’ll go on sale this THURSDAY on the 13th at 5 PM CST. The PDFs is limitless between then to the 19th, but the books will be first come first served. There are more details about it Here and Here. I hope this clears up any questions and thanks again for being awesome.

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

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